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When You’re Moving, Race The Moving Truck Guy There!

Moving is one of the most stressful things people can do, according to research. Third to a death in the family and divorce, moving is one of the biggest causes of stress. Hiring movers and making sure all your belongings are not only packed but packed to your liking can be an exhausting experience. Hiring long distance movers who are professionally trained might be a good idea if you go with the right company.

When you are looking for long distance movers you might be in the process of packing up your belongings. The great thing about PODS are that they can be brought to your new home by professionals. By not having to haul all your belongings yourself, you can save on gas and not be burdened with the hassle of driving a huge truck.

Long distance movers can also help you with making sure your moving process goes fast. In addition to speed and ease long distance movers can also help you store your belongings. Pods storage trucks can be left in your yard and unloaded at your leisure. Instead of worrying about long distance movers messing up your stuff you can unload and arrange everything yourself.

If you think you would like to take your time when you are unloading your belongings a mover can leave the PODS storage truck with you and you can store it there for a monthly fee. You can also use PODS storage trucks as storage for home improvement projects. With all the materials that are used in home improvement projects there just is not always enough space to store them inside your home. By having extra storage space you can stop worrying about where you are going to put everything.

Getting professional help during the moving process makes everything easier and less stressful. The biggest thing people want to avoid when moving is unnecessary stress.

How You Might Make Long Distance Move Easier

Moving long distance can be a pain. All that packing, and those boxes. Will your stuff even get to your new address? If you are planning a long move, hiring a long distance movers company is practically a must. But with a few simple tips, the whole moving process can be less stressful. A company that specializes in long distance movers may be trained and able to help you with a move farther away.

When considering hiring any moving company, it is important to find out what kind of reputation they have for delivering belongings to their final destination both in tact and on time. When my family and I moved half way across the country, we had to eat all of our meals off paper plates for a week because the moving company was late with our things. But at least the dishes were all ion tact when they arrived.

Because most people considering hiring long distance movers do not have the option of moving their belongings in one trip, you will almost certainly need to pack everything in at least one larger vehicle. Some moving companies are offering an option of small shipping like containers. This may be one option for people interested in doing all of their own packing but who may need to spread out their packing over a period of time. Pods are one such type of container. A company that provides this option will typically drop the container at your starting address and you can pack it yourself at your leisure. When you are done, can either have long distance movers transport the container to your new address or many companies give you the option of having the container stored at a storage facility until you are ready for it. Whatever your reason for moving, a few packing tips and some answers for the long distance movers may be able to make things just a little easier.

How to Not Get Taken Advantage Of During A Move

Moves are stressful and expensive times. People are sometimes in a hurry with sudden life changes and they may cut corners when shopping around for long distance movers. People eager to save money and not doing their due diligence can fall prey to moving scams.

After all your belongings are packed into a truck unscrupulous movers can hold your belongings hostage, waiting for payment on fees much higher than those you agreed to. It can be difficult to imagine what you would do in this situation, but taking a few steps before any problems arise can keep your possessions by be hijacked by frauds.

1. Know Market Rates

One way that frauds lure their victims in is to compromising situations by promising rates well below the market value. Knowing the rates offered by most long distance movers can let you know when a company is offering a deal that really is too good to be true.

2. Beware Cash Only Operations

Legitimate long distance movers do not require large up front cash deposits or only accept only cash as form of payment. Buyer beware of services that expect to be paid for services not yet delivered.

3. Get More Than One Estimate

Going along with tip number one, getting three or more estimates will give you and idea of fair rates, and give you exposure to the different types of moving services that are available. Estimate should include a break down of all costs and how they will be tabulated. Be sure to note if the long distance movers are quoting based on volume or weight. Also make sure to check weight slips to make sure you are not being charged for the weight of the truck.

4. Check Up on Company Names

Call the number listed by your long distance movers or pods providers, make sure that they answer the phone professionally. Fly by night operations my operate with disposable phones, and their numbers may be disconnected by the time you call looking for your stuff. Check too with the Better Business Bureau for any complaints filed against the company.