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Custom Cabinetry and Why You’ll Love It


You walk into the kitchen a dozen or more times per day. You have gotten to the point where you have to close your eyes and navigate like a blind person to the cabinets to get a glass and then to the refrigerator to get some milk. You’re so sick of seeing the cabinetry in the condition it is in, but you’re not sure what you can do about it. After all, this was the kitchen that came with the house when you bought it. Is custom cabinetry even an option at this point?

A kitchen remodel is a big job, and when it comes to big jobs on our homes we tend to want to put them off. It never seems to be the right time to do any kind of project that will require shelling out a decent amount of money. You want to do it right if you’re going to do it. So when is the right time ever the right time?

One way to look at a kitchen rem

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