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A Clean Deck Is a Great Deck, Tips for Cleaning Yours

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The outdoor spaces at our homes are important to most of us. Decks are great additions to any homes. They add value to the home if we want to sell it and they add value to our lives if we do not. They do take a certain amount of care and feeding however to keep them looking great. Some of this we can do ourselves and sometimes we need to bring in a deck cleaning service.

Instructions for Cleaning Your Decks:

Basic Cleaning with Water:

  1. Remove everything from your deck. Any removable furniture needs to be taken off of the deck so you can access the entire surface and get it as clean as possible. If there is any random debris on your deck, now is the time to get rid of that.
  2. Take a broom to your deck. Sweep up any dirt, leaves or random s

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