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Get the Most from Your Tile Flooring Installation with These 5 Tips

Tile flooring

The kind of flooring in a home makes a big difference in the value of the home. The vast majority of real estate agents, more than 94%, tell their clients to spend some money on the flooring in their home. They like to tell their clients about the added value to home with new flooring. When home sellers spend between $600 and $900, the value added to the home averages about $2,000. When homeowners remodel their homes, the most popular renovation projects are bathrooms and kitchen. The National Association of Home Builders reports that the number one requested home renovation project is bathrooms (78% of all home renovations involve bathrooms), followed closely by

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5 Ways to Continue Getting Water While Living in a Tiny House

Well digging

The tiny house movement has become quite a big thing recently. There are several concerns about living in a tiny house, but one of those would be about the plumbing. Is there room for water tanks? Would well water be a better idea? Is well digging available where tiny houses are permitted? Having a basement sump pump installation done is probably pointless considering you probably wouldn’t have a basement if you live in a tiny house. So, here are some ideas for getting water in and out of a tiny house.

Forego the plumbing all together
Of course they easiest way to deal with plumbing is not to have any. You can have water without having plumbing but it does make thin

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Thinking About a Home Remodel? Here’s What You Should Be Targeting First

Sleeper sofa destin fl

Are you sick of the way your home looks and ready for a change? Are you considering a home remodel or an interior redesign? It’s important to know what areas of your house to pinpoint and what you should be keeping in mind with your redesign. Of course, everyone has slightly different needs and preferences — for example, a family who hosts a good number of guests (family, friends, etc.,) but has limited space might be interested in getting a sleeper sofa to provide extra room. A cramped kitchen or one that doesn’t make sense in terms of storage or utility might be a top priority fo

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