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Over 60% Of Burglaries Happen During The Day Busting The Break-In Myths

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Your home is where you feel relaxed and secure. How good does it feel to return to your favorite part of the house after a long day, kick up your feet and turn on the television? Everyone has something that speaks to them about their place of residence, but no matter how varied these tastes get, a breach in security is always shocking. Burglaries have taken a dip these past few years, but they’re still at numbers far too high to be negligible. If you want to make sure your home is always a place of safety, rather than an accident waiting to happen, you’ll want to keep reading on the benefits of a new door installation.

Even if you’ve been lucky enough to circumvent a burglary yourself, you likely know someone who has had their house or car broken into. Not only do they los

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