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What is Barkdust and How do I Use it?

Bark mulch portland oregon

Landscaping can make your home a lot more valuable: it has the potential to increase your resale value by as much as 14% if done well. If you?re looking to create the best landscape design possible, you need to know the different types of mulch products available and where and how to use them. Here?s a quick guide to when and where to use barkdust and what differentiates it from other types of mulch:

Know Your Mulches

Some of the different types of mulch include straw, stones, black rubber, and barkdust. The first issue is decomposable vs. non-decomposable mulches. Rocks can look pretty and last a long time without the need for constant reapplication. Black plastic is similar, but it also has the potential to leach pollutants. Neither will decompose to provide nutrients for your soil.

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