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Home Maintenance Tips From Gutter Cleaning Maintenance Programs to Energy Saving Installations

Roof inspection

While many homeowners engage in maintenance and repairs throughout the year, it’s not unusual for unexpected issues to arise. This can often occur during the winter and other times of the year when inclement weather occurs. Every year, the average homeowner will usually spend about one percent to four percent of their home’s overall value to maintain and/or repair their home. These costs do increase, however, as houses age. When a house is valued at $200,000.00, for example, this may amount to a minimum of $2,000.00 in annual repair costs.

When houses have gaps or cracks in their siding or flooring, a considerable amount of a household’s heating and cooling budget is spent on offsetting these issues. Drafty windows, such as old single-pane ones, can also place on a damper on the air quality and comfort

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