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Dealing with Bed Bugs Is No Easy Task

Dealing with bed bug symptoms was not on your list of things that you wanted to accomplish this summer, but after the kids spent a week away at camp, this is a problem that you are facing.
When both your son and your daughter started to complain about the itching, you simply thought that you were dealing with a few mosquito bites. Once you examined their legs, however, you found out that this was something more complicated. Initially treating the bites like they were from chiggers, you were even more concerned when you realized that the bites appeared in sets of three, classic bed bug symptoms. Worse yet, you let the kids bring their suitcases and pillows into the house, and eventually up to their rooms. You now have a serious problem that is going to require the help of one of the exterminators in town.
No week at camp or family vacation is fun if it ends with Learn more ...