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Five Tips for Organzing Your Spice

So you have installed a slide out spice rack? Congratulations; you are well on your way to a more organized kitchen. Hopefully, you’ve also looked into drawer slides, cabinet drawer slides, folding shelf brackets, and other hardware products and kitchen organizers that can revolutionize your space. But now that you have a slide out spice rack, how can you organize it sensibly so you have access to all your spices when you need them?

  • Make a list of what you use most. Some people will suggest that you organize your spices entirely by size. While it is a good idea not to put lots of bigger jars and bottles in the front and lots of small items in the back, even more important than this is prioritizing in order of which spices and herbs you use. Keep track of your cooking habits for a week and this should give you a good idea of which herbs and spices y

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