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3 Tips to Save on AC Maintenance and Replacement

Air conditioning units are extremely important, and two-thirds of houses have them, however less than half have regular annual maintenance performed on their units. Maintenance and replacement of units is important to keep cool and save electricity, but unfortunately many units just break without any warning. This can be extremely painful during the hot summer months when an air conditioning company is already swamped with calls. You don’t have to fret though. If you are lucky enough to know that you unit is going to need to be replaced, there are some things that you can keep in mind to save you some money.

Manufacturer Rebates

If you find yourself need a new air conditioning unit, then you may be wondering when the best time to buy one is. It is true that an air conditioning company will experience bursts of business, but the air conditioning company is not the only place to go to get air

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Unraveling Radon Why Radon Testing in Your Home is Important

As a homeowner, you can often quickly identify issues in your home that may be costing you money or even doing your family harm. You can hear the pesky drip of water from your leaky bathroom faucet, see mold growing in the corners of your basement, or small gas in your kitchen and know that you have an immediate problem.
However, there are some home diseases that come with no obvious symptoms. Radon is one of them.
What is radon? Radon is a naturally occurring, radioactive gas that can’t be seen or smelled. In the outdoors, radon levels rarely reach unsafe levels but, in the home, it can become harmful to your family and pets. This gas has been linked to lung cancer development, especially in smokers and others with vulnerable respiratory systems. In extreme cases, someone experiencing radon poisoning would have chest pain, trouble breathing, and the coughing up of blood.
By now, you’ve determined that this gas is scary, but you might be skeptical that radon testing is necessary or f

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The Importance Of Hiring An Experienced Moving Company In the United States

Moving is common here in the United States, especially with more people renting instead of owning than ever before. In fact, very nearly thirty five percent of all renters choose to move each and every year, a trend that is particularly common among student renters. But moving is popular among all different types of people of all ages and of all backgrounds, and the average person will move, in total, more than ten times throughout the entirety of their life, with more than half of those moves occurring before they reach the still young age of thirty.

There are many reasons to move. Many people move because they are simply looking for a bit of a different environment. Cities are very popular for this reason, providing a life and a vitality that often can’t be found in many other parts of this country. For this reason among others, many cities throughout the United States have experienced a considerable growth in recent years. For instance, the city of Seattle gained more than twe

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