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Water Purification Why Do I Need a Water Softener?

We all know that wonderful, refreshing feeling of drinking a nice, cold glass of water. And how easy is it to get? For most of us, all we have to do is walk up to the cooler, or open a bottle of water, or turn on the tap…and voila! Fresh, clean water is right there for us to enjoy.

Home water systems are a main source of fresh, clean drinking water. In fact, a home water treatment unit in in use in 4 out of 10 American homes, as reported by the Water Quality Association.

But what exactly do home water systems do? Of course, they produce cleaner water and purer water. This is important, because much of the available water is considered “hard”. This term indicates that there are high levels of magnesium and calcium in the water, and is the answer to the question “why do I need a water softener?”.

Hard water is present in an estimated 80% of the country and, for the reasons stated above, this water needs to be softened. Home water systems help with homes that may need

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