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How ICF Can Help Eco-Friendly Homeowners

Homeowners are always making decisions, from repairs to additions they’ve got a lot on their plate to design their homes into a place they only believed possible in dreams. That dream doesn’t come without worry though. New homeowners aren’t just searching for aesthetic value, but an environmentally friendly home equipped with energy efficient, high-performance in mind, and built from green building materials for a sturdier, healthier foundation to traditional concrete materials used. The concept of eco-friendly homes is one that is quickly becoming popular among younger homeowners; the idea of saving the planet is appealing, but what do these terms mean and how do they hold up against concrete form construction?

What Are “Breathable Walls?”

This term is something often heard when discussing constructing a home with green building materials, but it’s technically incorrect because uncontrolled air flow is particularly damaging to buildings. There is a common

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