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Understandanding Eco Friendly Flooring From Bamboo To Eucalyptus

In almost every factor of life, many are attempting to become more environmentally friendly. The eco friendly movement is important, and has reached almost every major industry, from fashion to — yes — flooring. Both clients that are looking for residential flooring and those that seek commercial flooring are interested in environmentally friendly options. However, many are confused about where to begin. What is eco friendly flooring, and what is the difference between the quality between new types of flooring versus traditional flooring products?

A common misconception of environmentally friendly flooring is that it somehow less durable, or perhaps not as cost-effective as traditional flooring. While some eco-friendly materials may be initially more expensive than traditional flooring products, they usually end up reflecting the investment in the long term. For that matter, eco friendly flooring is often made from readily available materials like eucalyp

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