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Emergency Plumbing Services Are Involved in Everyday Life and Major Emergencies

Another near miss in Florida has been residents of that state breathing a heavy sigh of relief. Some two years after Hurricane Harvey ravaged Port Aransas and many others in the Houston area, there are people in the Sunshine State of Florida thankful that they have been spared this time. Heavy tropical rains are still likely throughout the rest of this Labor Day Weekend, but indications are that the airports will not need to close as was expected and there are now another group of folks further up the Atlantic Coast who will be dealing with the brunt of this storm.
From nearby plumbers to sewer cleaning crews to water heater maintenance teams, many people are impacted when a hurricane or major weather event arrives in an area. Much of the news focuses on the thousands of people who are waiting in line at gas stations and grocery stores, but there are also many people working behind the scenes attempting to protect properties. From shutting off water in a home that might become flo

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