Your home’s safety is never a guarantee. It’s something you have to cultivate yourself through regular research and constant double-checking.

When even the varnish on your floorboards can harbor dangerous chemicals, it pays to be proactive. Make this the year you become cautious about the products you buy, particularly if you have children with sensitive constitutions or pets in the home. There are quite a few health-focused paints out there that can give you the best of both worlds. Are you calculating paint coverage for a new home project? What about choosing the best paint for a porch that’s seen better days?

Knowledge is power. Learn the most important terms below so you can buy the best health-focused paints on the market.

What Are Some Facts About Today’s Unsafe Paints?

You’re not just being paranoid. There’s a lot to keep in mind when buying new environmentally friendly spray paint, from the company you’re choosing to the che

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If you live in or are moving to a place that is heavily effected by hurricane season, it may be wise to start thinking about hurricane proofing. These storms can cause a great deal of damage, but there are steps that you can take to protect your home from the worst. It’s better to start making these changes before the storms come in rather than scrambling at the last minute. This will give you time to be sure that the work is performed well and that quality materials and techniques are being used.

It’s important to check all vulnerable areas of your home during this process. There are steps you can take for windows and doors, gutters, your landscape, and more. It’s a good idea to cover as much ground as you can before a hurricane hits by following some of the steps below.

Use High Impact Glass

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If you’re looking to make some type of home renovation, you are certainly not alone, not by any means. In fact, more than half of all home owners in this country are currently in the process of planning out their next home renovations project. And even more have already recently completed one or are currently enmeshed in one. As the years pass on, more and more people will look to update their home in a wide array and variety of ways.

For instance, the kitchen remodel is a popular home remodeling endeavor. In fact, it is a home remodeling project that people are willing to spend more money on than ever before, something that the data gathered on the subject very much supports. This data shows that the median amount of money spent on the typical kitchen renovation actually increased by as much as a full 10% over the course of the year of 2017 alone, let alone during any other year in the recent past.

Kitchen renovations are popular for a number of reasons. For one thing, the

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