Organic lawn care barrington

Have you heard much about organic lawn care? Or maybe you assume that anything that grass is organic, so anything that makes grass grow better must be organic too, yeah? Err wrong answer. In truth, many lawns are composed of grass that originated in another environment. Since it wasn’t meant to thrive in your climate, in order to keep it lush and green, big box retailers push pesticides that kill the bugs that could hurt your lawn, or herbicides to kill the natural foliage. Herbicides and pesticides are poison. In fact, even the fertilizers used to make your unnatural lawn look like it’s supposed to are made in a laboratory and chemical-laden. We use something to the tune of 70 mill

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Pool renovations

Having functional outdoors space really adds a lot of value to your home. When your back yard features things like outdoor kitchens, hot tubs, or swimming pools, it basically gives you extra square footage, makes your home more enjoyable, and has a profound impact on value you’d get from your home when you sell.

However, if your outdoor living space is run down, it has a negative impact on your home. It gives your home a poor firs

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With spring around the corner, you’ll likely want to start planning out your next outdoor projects. Whether you’re landscaping or hardscaping, there are plenty of things that you can do to give your drab yard a fresh spring pick-me-up. Here are some options to consider:

  1. Add a patio. Patios are great for outdoor entertainment and can be jazzed up with some dramatic stairs, walkways, and other features. Many people decide to go all-out with their outdoor entertainment space and build-in fireplaces and grills. This way, you can cook, eat, and entertain all in one place. Come summertime after construction is done and the days are long, you’ll never want to cook or hang out inside ever again.
  2. Plant a garden. If you want to plant fruits, vegetables,

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