Sometimes one simple fruit can prove extremely beneficial
In many parts of the country this is the time of year when the price on honey crisp apples is too good to pass up. Even if you buy so many that you have to do bicep curls to get these monster apples into your cart, but, they are worth it
Apples travel well; need no packaging; are easily chopped; and taste unique. With a healthy serving of vitamin C, your body can absorb this important nutrient instead of relying on supplements. Full of water so you feel even more satisfied when you eat them, apples are probably the favorite fruit of many.
Everyone is better when they eat fresh fruit a few times a day because they help satisfy a brain’s need for sugar fuel. The fact that they also have fiber means that they improve digestion and slow the release of their sugar is just one more reason to include produce in your life.
An apple a day really can keep the doctor away, but did you know that there are also daily task

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Are you aware that color affects human perception, mood, and performance? This is why objects rich in color tend to be more attractive than others and seem to be of higher value even when it’s not necessarily true.

The effect of color on human behavior is astonishing. In Europe, some prisons paint the cells of aggressive inmates pink in a bid to calm their aggression. Yes, It does work to some extent. Each color has a unique physiological effect on humans.

This is why interior decor designers are more deliberate on the colors they use today. For instance, in a paint color analysis done by Zillow’s in 2017, it was found that home buyers would pay up to $5,400 more than expected for houses with blue bathrooms.

The color and quality of paint in your house can affect how happy or how comfortable your family is. As such, it is important to retouch your eco friendly paint after some time. At times, you may not have the resources to hire a contractor or rent or p

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Stain and varnishes are important components for completing a woodwork project. But do you know their differences and why you should consider using them? Here is a simple guide on understanding the key elements making stain and varnish unique, the variety of wood finishes and how they perform, as well as how to use varnish for finishing. Having this knowledge can help you with your next home remodeling projects if you like to get handy.


Varnish is a popular, clear coat for wood with a hard protecting film that not only protects but also helps retain natural wood tones with a glossy finish. While varnishes perform better on wood, they can also be applied to other substrates and offer the same aesthetic and protective benefits.

Composition of Varnishes

Varnish is essentially a type of paint without the element of color. Most of them are made from synthetic, polyurethane water-and oil-based resins. They are much like oil

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