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You Could Save 30% On Your Energy Bill Every Month By Installing A New Roof

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A house is strongest when its roof is in proper shape. Used to keep the elements at bay and regulate temperature, general contracting companies work continuously to provide homeowners with materials of all shapes and sizes to ensure that their home is safe and sound. However, many don’t know that an old roof can actually do more harm than good in the long run. A high energy bill, insect infestations and a negative impact on the environment are but a few of the problems facing many out-of-date rooftops around the country. Thankfully, roofing contractors can offer you construction projects that are better suited to your lifestyle and budget both. Le

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What a Waste How Garbage is Costing You and the Environment A Lot More Than You Think

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Waste not, want not, right? Well, at least theoretically. But the truth is, Americans waste a whole lot of food, a whole lot of clothing, a whole lot of water, and a whole lot of material. And while it may not seem like that much of a big deal on an individual basis, when everyone is doing it, all that trash begins to add up in devastating ways.

The American landscape is a much, much different place than what it used to be, with the wide open expanse of fields having been replaced with the seemingly endless sprawl of major metropolitan centers. And for as exciting as these areas are, they’re also major contributors to America’s growing environmental concerns such as pollution, waste management, and trash removal.

Most people think they’re doing a good job in terms of not wasting or creating to

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