You Could Save 30% On Your Energy Bill Every Month By Installing A New Roof


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A house is strongest when its roof is in proper shape. Used to keep the elements at bay and regulate temperature, general contracting companies work continuously to provide homeowners with materials of all shapes and sizes to ensure that their home is safe and sound. However, many don’t know that an old roof can actually do more harm than good in the long run. A high energy bill, insect infestations and a negative impact on the environment are but a few of the problems facing many out-of-date rooftops around the country. Thankfully, roofing contractors can offer you construction projects that are better suited to your lifestyle and budget both. Let’s look at the top five reasons you should get a new roof.

Save Money On Electricity

One of the most essential aspects of a quality roof is saving hundreds of dollars every year on electricity. An old or faulty roof can leak temperature bit by bit when you’re unaware, making you put a strain on your air conditioning when you least expect it. Choosing the correct roofing material can result in a stunning 30% decrease on your electricity bill, while creating a more suitable and pleasant living environment no matter the season or time of day. ENERGY STAR qualified roofing products, for starters, can greatly reduce the air conditioning needed in a home by at least 15%.

Choose Quality Materials

Roofing contractors have a wide variety of materials to choose from, though some are better than others. Conventional roofing materials reflect around 5% to 15% of the sun’s light, meaning the absorb the other 85% to 95% on average. The coolest roofing materials reflect more than 65% of sunlight, meaning less energy is absorbed — these are often better options for hotter climates and are used to save money on air conditioning costs. A thicker roof, on the other hand, can better insulate your home and reduce strain on your heating. Either way, a new roof has a lot to offer.

Help The Environment

Solar panel roofing solutions have become a popular option as of the past few years due to their easy installation and conversion into cheap energy. Installing a solar panel roof can decrease your house’s carbon footprint at an average of 35,000 pounds of carbon dioxide every year. This is nothing to say of the money you’ll save on your electricity bill — the average house saves at least $85 every month. More and more homeowners are turning to solar panels as a mutually beneficial solution for their monthly bills and the surrounding environment.

Reduce Your Tax Credit

Saving on taxes is frequently at the forefront of many an American homeowner’s mind. Fortunately, the government has taken multiple initiatives to help make this process easier. The federal solar Investment Tax Credit (also known as ITC), for example, is a 30% tax credit for both residential and commercial properties that make the decision to convert to solar energy by the end of 2016. If any of these options sound ideal to you, all you have to do is make an appointment with roofing contractors to get started.

Commercial Construction Contractors

Local roofing contractors can gauge both your environment and budget to better determine the general contracting services that will suit you best. Warmer environments benefit greatly from cool roofing materials and solar panels, while colder environments would do well with thick and durable roofs to maintain temperature and save money on your energy bill. A roof can be installed in as little as one to three days and will last you years to come. Should you choose a solar panel roof, you can also add a reduced tax credit on your list of cost-saving measures. Which new roof are you thinking of installing?