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4 Home Remodeling Ideas That Will Have You Rushing to the Store

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Home remodeling, if you can afford it, is almost always a sound investment. Even just updating your smallest bathroom can earn you back 60% of your home’s reselling value. Below are a few of our absolute favorite home remodeling themes and why we think they’re fabulous:
1. Vinyl Tile
So if you’ve just bought a new home but are thinking of home remodeling because the present kitchen design looks like something out of the 1970′s, have no fear. We get you. And we think you should look into vinyl tile. Vinyl tile is a great DIY option, especially if your general feeling is “I’m not exactly sure what I want, but I need to rip out this floor as soon as possible.” It’s afford

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3 Reasons Why You Should Live by the Beach


No matter what age you are, spending time at the beach is always a delight. Renting or buying beach property can be great for that moment, weekend, or summer, and it can also be great for the rest of your life.

Here is why owning beach properties can lead to an amazing life:

Lifelong Friends

Whether you’re renting the same spot every year or you’ve purchased your own beach property, staying there for years will introduce you to so many wonderful people. Some people have moved into beach homes and condominiums well into their old age and ended up meeting some of their best friends while living there.

Vacation communities are just like any other ne

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