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Thinking About Getting a Privacy Fence? Here Are Some Reasons You Should

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Do you own your own home? Does it have a yard? If you are, you are not alone. A lawn is important to at least 83% of Americans. The vast majority of these people (90%) think caring for their lawns and keeping it in good shape is very important. The National Association of Landscape Professionals conducted a Harris Poll of 2,034 United States adults (ages 18+) and they found that about 75% of them think that spending time in their yards is important. At least 64% of homeowners who are planning to do work on their lawns think that it is important to spend time in it. Between 80 to 90% of applications for fences are for privacy fences, according to U.S. zoning committee experts. Why do all of these people get privacy fences? There are some good reasons for that.

  1. They are great for

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