Thinking About Getting a Privacy Fence? Here Are Some Reasons You Should


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Do you own your own home? Does it have a yard? If you are, you are not alone. A lawn is important to at least 83% of Americans. The vast majority of these people (90%) think caring for their lawns and keeping it in good shape is very important. The National Association of Landscape Professionals conducted a Harris Poll of 2,034 United States adults (ages 18+) and they found that about 75% of them think that spending time in their yards is important. At least 64% of homeowners who are planning to do work on their lawns think that it is important to spend time in it. Between 80 to 90% of applications for fences are for privacy fences, according to U.S. zoning committee experts. Why do all of these people get privacy fences? There are some good reasons for that.

  1. They are great for noise reduction. These kinds of fences provide a noise barrier around the property of someone’s home. These are like sold walls that can deflect sound. This is especially great for people who live in an area that sees a lot of traffic, this can be vehicular traffic or foot traffic, or is busy in general. These fences can reduce the noise, from whatever is making it, to a level where it is not even noticeable. Even if the privacy fence does not reduce the noise level to silent, it makes spending time in the yard much more enjoyable.
  2. They provide protection from crime. Fence companies build privacy fences in such a way that they act as a security fences. Typically, people who are going to break into homes look for houses that are easy get to. Homes with a privacy fence do not meet that criteria. Not only can they not see what there is to steal (no thief wants to climb a fence to learn there is nothing there for them to take) but it would be harder to get away if the police showed up. Another reason these are great for security is that they are hard to climb. Most people can scale a chain link fence but not many are able to get over one of these. That is how fencing companies design them.
  3. Keeps you and your family out of the wind. If a home is in a more open area and there are not many other houses around, it can get pretty windy in the back yard making that cook out or barbecue a little less enjoyable. Privacy fences are great barriers for all that. Strong wind gusts will not be able to get to you and when it is cold and windy, your yard will be warmer so you can relax in your yard. With a privacy fence, your family’s napkins and buns will not fly away during a wind storm.
  4. They have a great return on investment (ROI). You will be making a great investment when you have a fence installation company put in a privacy fence on your property. They resale value of a home is always improved when one of these fences is located on the property. This is a really important feature for people who have children or if they have small children. That fact alone makes the privacy fence a great selling point. Add a gate with latches. The higher up on the fence you put the latches, the better.andnbsp;
  5. They are called privacy fences for a reason. Want the neighbors to not be able to see everything you, your family are doing? Privacy fences can give you peace of mind in this regard. This is especially important for people who live in more urban environments. Those noisy neighbors will have to watch something other than your home.

Getting a privacy fence is a great addition to any home. If you are interested in getting a privacy fence installed, call a local privacy fence installation and they can help find one that would complement the style of your home. This can also improve the look of your home and further increase the resale value of the home.