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Three Simple Rules for Owning a Deck

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Installing a deck on your home expands the usable space of the property and serves as a huge “Wow!” feature. However, decks can be done wrong. If your deck is poorly constructed or poorly maintained, it has a negative impact on the home’s first impression. In fact, if your deck is structurally unsafe, it’s more than just a visual problem. Someone could get hurt.

We want you to have only the best of deck experiences, so we’ve put together a deck owner’s guide.

Three Simple Rules for Owning a Deck

  1. Make sure your deck is sealed.

    If you are a DIYer, you might think that building a deck isn’t so hard, right? Just some 4X4s for support and some 2X4s for a floor, am I right? However, the only way that your deck is impervious from termites, ca

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Achieving That Dream Living Room With an Interior Designer

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Decorating a house is usually a long term project. It requires many months or years of planning. It means shopping at multiple locations for unique pieces. The art of interior design is complex and can also be time consuming. For this reason, many homeowners choose to hire an interior design firm. A professional interior designer provides many advantages to the homeowner.

An abundance of interior decorating ideas

You have probably flipped through magazines and oohed and aahed over well set up modern interior design ideas. You have pro

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