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What Are The Side Effects Of Polyurethane Fumes?

What is varnish

When thinking about the paint color for the walls of a new space in your apartment or home, rarely do you think about the chemicals that go into the paints and what they can mean for you and your family’s health. It’s easy to get caught in the excitement of a new project, and everyone knows that a fresh coat of paint can really transform a home. The same goes for the varnish for wood floors. Putting on a new coat can make wood flooring pop and give a whole new look and feel to your home.

But just what are the dangers of these chemicals? The chemical you want to worry about are called polyurethane and have fumes that can cause serious consequences. Polyurethane can give a wood floor a beautiful new finish, but there are certain precautions that one should take when using it. Learn more ...