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Improve the Quality of Your Home and RV’s Water Supply With a Reverse Osmosis System

The public water system supplies water to approximately 300 million people and is government regulated and treated. Less than one percent of this water is used for drinking and cooking, while the remainder is used for other purposes. Private water systems, which aren’t government regulated, supply water to 15% of the population’s households. In order to ensure that they have access to clean, safe, and palatable water for drinking and other household usage, many Americans choose to take additional measures, such as purchasing a reverse osmosis system.

Hard Water and Mineral Content

In many areas throughout the United States, the available water is considered to be hard. Recent data shows that this applies to 80% of the country’s water. Basically, this means that the water contains a large percentage of calcium, magnesium, and other minerals.

There are some areas, however, where the drinking water exceeds the daily recommended allowance of these minerals by 100%. Whi

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