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Five Reasons to Choose Glass and Three Things to Watch Out For

Glass is becoming one of the most important parts of furniture design for modern interior decorating. From the frosted glass cabinet to tempered glass shelves, a black glass table or tinted glass panels, glass is elegant and sophisticated.

Choosing Glass

Here are some good reasons to consider glass furniture for clean and sophisticated look in your space:

  1. Glass makes things look clean and light.One good reason for ordering those tinted glass panels or investing in a glass curio cabinet with lights is that the presence of glass makes a small space look lighter and cleaner. As such, it compliments a modern interior style. The lightness also allows you to use darker colors in the rest of your decorating without making the whole space too somber or heavy.
  2. Glass fits any interior.Because glass complements and reflects rather than drawing attention to itself, it can be used in nearly any space. While it is especially suitable for

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