Five Reasons to Choose Glass and Three Things to Watch Out For


Glass is becoming one of the most important parts of furniture design for modern interior decorating. From the frosted glass cabinet to tempered glass shelves, a black glass table or tinted glass panels, glass is elegant and sophisticated.

Choosing Glass

Here are some good reasons to consider glass furniture for clean and sophisticated look in your space:

  1. Glass makes things look clean and light.One good reason for ordering those tinted glass panels or investing in a glass curio cabinet with lights is that the presence of glass makes a small space look lighter and cleaner. As such, it compliments a modern interior style. The lightness also allows you to use darker colors in the rest of your decorating without making the whole space too somber or heavy.
  2. Glass fits any interior.Because glass complements and reflects rather than drawing attention to itself, it can be used in nearly any space. While it is especially suitable for modern interiors or those using a dark color scheme, glass furniture can actually fit almost anywhere. It can blend with any material from wood to plastic and be shaped to fit any corner or nook. Ordering custom glass shelves is easier and less expensive than getting a similar customization for wood.
  3. Glass makes a small space expand.If you have a small space you need to use, you’ve probably struggled with how to fill it with furniture that won’t make it seem smaller yet. Put in a desk and chair and your little corner is already looking cramped. Add on the bookshelf you so desperately need and you’re really sunk. Because you can see through glass pieces, even with tinted glass panels, it feels like a weightless extension of the space. Because light easily passes through glass, there’s no need to worry that a piece of furniture will dampen your lighting and make a room look too dark.
  4. Modern glass furniture is strong.While glass does have a weightless look, modern methods of constructing glass furniture provide us with seriously reliable pieces. Modern glass is tempered and resistant to impacts and shattering. They are now covered with a film to help them resist scratching, and even if they are broken, they don’t shatter.
  5. Furniture made from glass is durable.Wooden or plastic table tops can easily absorb odors from food. They can absorb moisture after spills, causing them to warp and twist. Over time, wood may rot or develop mildew problems. None of these issues are a problem when you choose a glass table.


If you’re planning to get glass furniture, there are a few things you should think about.

  1. Be on top of cleaning.If you want your glass furniture to look good, you have to keep on top of cleaning it. It will need to be wiped down almost daily. This goes double if you have kids or pets.
  2. Glass is transparent.Yes, you know this. It’s one of the great things about glass! The thing you need to consider is precisely where you plan on keeping those glass shelves with the tinted glass panels. Remember that your guests will be able to see everything behind the shelves, so place them wisely.
  3. Glass can be quite heavy.It isn’t always so, but many pieces of glass furniture are heavier than their wooden or plastic counterparts might be. This is just something to be aware of as you consider placement. If you need to be able to move a coffee table out of the way multiple times a day, for instance, choosing a glass one might not be the smartest move.

A small glass table or frosted glass cabinet can compliment any space, reinforce lightness, and last for many years. There are some very good reasons to get your own unique and functional glass pieces made, so why not look for glass furniture providers in your area who can help you find just the right piece for your space?