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Design Projects Decorating with Rope Trim Moldings

One of the most exciting aspects of home decorating is the use of the various materials that give a space its ultimate finishing touches. These can be small finishing touches, such as a lamp or a picture frame.

But it is also possible to have more extensive design choices. One of the most sophisticated and popular choices to achieve this effect is carved wood trim, or molding.

Nothing finishes a room like molding. Molding details in design styles such as rope trim molding, pearl molding, chair rail, Victorian and more add style, warmth, finish and especially value, to a property.

Custom architectural wood carving is a traditional and classic choice…but not the only choice, by any stretch of the imagination! Rope trim molding is a very classic choice, also, with a slightly contemporary “twist” (no pun intended!).

Also available, in addition to rope trim molding, are large corbels, small corbels, fluted molding and resin crown molding, just to name a few. Let’s

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