Design Projects Decorating with Rope Trim Moldings


One of the most exciting aspects of home decorating is the use of the various materials that give a space its ultimate finishing touches. These can be small finishing touches, such as a lamp or a picture frame.

But it is also possible to have more extensive design choices. One of the most sophisticated and popular choices to achieve this effect is carved wood trim, or molding.

Nothing finishes a room like molding. Molding details in design styles such as rope trim molding, pearl molding, chair rail, Victorian and more add style, warmth, finish and especially value, to a property.

Custom architectural wood carving is a traditional and classic choice…but not the only choice, by any stretch of the imagination! Rope trim molding is a very classic choice, also, with a slightly contemporary “twist” (no pun intended!).

Also available, in addition to rope trim molding, are large corbels, small corbels, fluted molding and resin crown molding, just to name a few. Let’s have a look at some of the styles, their origins and how they influence the presentation of a room.

Whether a home is traditional or contemporary, new or remodeled, decorative designs add elegance to the entire presentation. Especially, wood carvings and details such as rope trim molding and crown molding bring character to a setting. In fact, 62% of responders to a recent study by the NAHB said that, among decorative features in a home, crown molding was actually the third most important feature to have.

Wood carving in features such as rope trim molding, fireplace corbel designs and chair rail molding is an ancient art. Actually, wood carving has been done for over 400,000 years and is considered one of the oldest of mankind’s art forms.

The three styles, or “orders” of architecture were developed by the ancient Greeks and Romans. They are called Doric, Ionic and Corinthian. Is your interior is in one of these three Greco-Roman styles? If so, it will easily be dressed by moldings such as rope trim molding or pearl molding.

But what if the interior is in another style such as contemporary or Colonial? Not to worry! The beauty of crown molding and details such as large and small corbels is that they can be designed and installed to meet your needs. They can be created in accordance with your specific likes and dislikes to your own taste to add charm and sophistication to any room.

So, whether you are remodeling or building a new home, enjoy decorating it and let your imagination run free! Just remember, since you are in your own home, you are going to want to decide on features that will not only be beautiful, but will last a long time. Wood carvings are an example of the hard, durable materials that will keep your dream home looking like a beautiful, tranquil refuge for many years to come.