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How to Save Money With Ecofriendly Home Technology

The Facts About Home Energy Bills

Energy bills are something every American living in a home has to worry about, whether you rent or own. They take up a sizable chunk of annual income with the average household spending $2,200 a year on those alone. Up to 50% of that annual cost goes towards heating and cooling, which is why that is one of the best places to start when trying to cut back on energy costs in your home. With the right ecofriendly home technology you can not only save money, but become more environmentally conscious.

Installing Heating and Cooling Technology

Did you know that an improperly installed heating and cooling system can reduce the efficiency of the system by 30%? Also, incorrect refrigerant levels in these systems can lower it by another 5 to 20%. That’s why the first order of business is to make sure you allow a professional to install your new Learn more ...