How to Save Money With Ecofriendly Home Technology


The Facts About Home Energy Bills

Energy bills are something every American living in a home has to worry about, whether you rent or own. They take up a sizable chunk of annual income with the average household spending $2,200 a year on those alone. Up to 50% of that annual cost goes towards heating and cooling, which is why that is one of the best places to start when trying to cut back on energy costs in your home. With the right ecofriendly home technology you can not only save money, but become more environmentally conscious.

Installing Heating and Cooling Technology

Did you know that an improperly installed heating and cooling system can reduce the efficiency of the system by 30%? Also, incorrect refrigerant levels in these systems can lower it by another 5 to 20%. That’s why the first order of business is to make sure you allow a professional to install your new smart technology. In order to save money you want the system to be running as efficiently as possible so there is no energy waste. Take time to find a trustworthy heating and cooling company, and while you’re at it you can save even more by finding one that provides bundle offers.

Types of Ecofriendly Home Technology

Ecofriendly home technology comes in multiple different forms, but one of the most efficient kinds is a geothermal system. This kind of system takes energy and heat from the earth when you need warmth, and reverses to pull heat from the air in your home when you need to cool off. This kind of system has a 400% efficiency rating and is guaranteed to save you money on your energy bill.

Another innovative option is called radiant floor heating. This is where heat is distributed through the floors by hot water tubes or electric wires. This technology provides more heat than an electric heater, but uses the same amount of energy.It is a safe, quiet, and invisible form of home heating.

There are many other things you can do as well, such as installing energy saving windows and properly sealing and insulating your home.

Start Saving Now

No matter what kind of ecofriendly home technology you choose, know that you will be saving money and making an environmentally friendly choice. Seek out your local HVAC company and enjoy the benefits of an energy efficient home today!