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Pros and Cons of Cedar Siding

No one likes siding or roof replacement. That’s why it is important when building your home to choose the most durable and longest lasting material. For a home’s siding, one of the best material to use is cedar. Unlike vinyl siding, cedar siding can last up to 75 years as long as it is properly maintained. However, the material does have its pros and cons.

Beauty of Natural Wood

Cedar wood is known for its beauty. The natural soft-wood can come in varying shades of red, yellow, white, or brown. A skilled siding or roof replacement contractor can even use the varying shades to create textures and patterns in the siding. Because it takes stains so well, that is usually the finish preferred by homeowners and siding installers. The textures, grain, and beautiful finish, combined with the natural scent of the wood, creates a classic, natural style.

Environmentally Friendly

Unlike vin

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