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Home Improvement Projects Can Come With Many Challenges

You had your kitchen cabinets painted in June and it was one of the worst experiences you have dealt with as a home owner. It has been about three months and you have a new chip on the cabinets everyday. The contractor you hired told you that his workers would sand, they did not. He said they would put three coats on, they did not.
When you contacted him and told him of the yellowing you saw coming through because they did not sand sent out a team to work on the problem. Unfortunately, they came over with rollers and rolled cabinets that had been previously been sprayed. Anyone who is good at painting should know you do not roll sprayed cabinets. The purpose of spraying is to have a good, smooth finish. Instead of dealing with the problems correctly, the hung the doors, saw yellowing, and rolled those cabinets as well.

Because there is no top coat there are chips from everyday wear and tear. You have two young children and you watch dogs in your home, but there is nothing goin

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