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When Was the Last Time You Needed the Help of a Local Plumber?

Sometimes one simple fruit can prove extremely beneficial
In many parts of the country this is the time of year when the price on honey crisp apples is too good to pass up. Even if you buy so many that you have to do bicep curls to get these monster apples into your cart, but, they are worth it
Apples travel well; need no packaging; are easily chopped; and taste unique. With a healthy serving of vitamin C, your body can absorb this important nutrient instead of relying on supplements. Full of water so you feel even more satisfied when you eat them, apples are probably the favorite fruit of many.
Everyone is better when they eat fresh fruit a few times a day because they help satisfy a brain’s need for sugar fuel. The fact that they also have fiber means that they improve digestion and slow the release of their sugar is just one more reason to include produce in your life.
An apple a day really can keep the doctor away, but did you know that there are also daily task

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