When Was the Last Time You Needed the Help of a Local Plumber?


Sometimes one simple fruit can prove extremely beneficial
In many parts of the country this is the time of year when the price on honey crisp apples is too good to pass up. Even if you buy so many that you have to do bicep curls to get these monster apples into your cart, but, they are worth it
Apples travel well; need no packaging; are easily chopped; and taste unique. With a healthy serving of vitamin C, your body can absorb this important nutrient instead of relying on supplements. Full of water so you feel even more satisfied when you eat them, apples are probably the favorite fruit of many.
Everyone is better when they eat fresh fruit a few times a day because they help satisfy a brain’s need for sugar fuel. The fact that they also have fiber means that they improve digestion and slow the release of their sugar is just one more reason to include produce in your life.
An apple a day really can keep the doctor away, but did you know that there are also daily tasks that can keep your home healthy as well?
Regular Maintenance Routines Can Help Property Owners Add to the Value of Their Home
In a time when there is so much focus on personal health and fitness, it is important to note that there are also ways to make sure that your home is as “healthy” as possible. From maintenance checks by local plumbers to knowing when to call in a professional rooter service or to consult a water heater maintenance team, there are many proactive approaches that the best home owners take. Of course there will be times when a small water problem can be solved by a home owner and local plumbers are not needed, but it is important for property owners to know their limits and not put their home at risk in an effort to save money. Every problem can seem small, but when it comes to water issues in a home, it is important to realize that, similar to an iceberg, there are times when the problem that you see is only a fraction of the real situation. The underlying problems that may not be visible to a typical home owner might be easily addressed by experienced and certified local plumbers.
Consider some of these facts and figures about the many times when professional local plumbers can provide the services that home owners need:

  • A shower head leaking at 10 drips a minute wastes more than 500 gallons a year. This is the same amount of water it takes to wash 60 loads of dishes in a kitchen dishwasher
  • In comparison, a leaky faucet that drips at the rate of one drip a second can waste more than 3,000 gallons per year. This is a volume of water that is equivalent to the amount needed to take more than 180 showers!
  • The plumbing system in a home is composed of two separate subsystems. One subsystem brings freshwater in, and the other takes wastewater out. Both subsystems need to be carefully maintained to make sure that a home if running effectively.
  • Even the hot water heaters in our homes need special attention if you want to avoid wasted energy or emergency water problems. In fact, experts recommend draining and removing the sediment from a water heater at least once a year, a service that is often best provided by a professional plumber.
  • As many as 10% of households in America have leaks in their plumbing that can waste as much as 90 gallons of water a day. In a time when more and more people are aware of the environment, this are problems that need to be remedied.
  • America’s aging sewer systems spill an estimated 1.26 trillion gallons of untreated sewage every single year, creating another environmental problem for the future.

Even if we do not follow the advice of our doctors all of the time, most of us realize that preventative health care can provide major benefits in the long run. Likewise, it is important to realize that preventative maintenance can help us not only maintain, but also add to the value of our homes.