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Here’s Why LED Is In Your Best Interests

Are you paying too much for your electric? Or have you replaced your bulbs one too many times over the past few years and it is finally starting to drive you crazy? Perhaps if you were using LEDs you wouldn’t find yourself so frustrated by how often you have to be changing your lighting in your business. That 2×4 fluorescent light fixture that you used to think was the best lighting in your work place has slowly become the worst lighting fixture that you could imagine. Need a little more convincing that switching to high powered LED lighting is the best, well here are the reasons that you should be placing your order for change today.

The Department of Energy has conducted studies that have deduced that 22% of the energy used and generated within the United States is spent on lighting. That’s a lot of energy to be burning and replacing bulbs often. With large buildings that burn through energy and bulbs often you’ll find yourself spending thousands of dollars on those not so well

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