Here’s Why LED Is In Your Best Interests


Are you paying too much for your electric? Or have you replaced your bulbs one too many times over the past few years and it is finally starting to drive you crazy? Perhaps if you were using LEDs you wouldn’t find yourself so frustrated by how often you have to be changing your lighting in your business. That 2×4 fluorescent light fixture that you used to think was the best lighting in your work place has slowly become the worst lighting fixture that you could imagine. Need a little more convincing that switching to high powered LED lighting is the best, well here are the reasons that you should be placing your order for change today.

The Department of Energy has conducted studies that have deduced that 22% of the energy used and generated within the United States is spent on lighting. That’s a lot of energy to be burning and replacing bulbs often. With large buildings that burn through energy and bulbs often you’ll find yourself spending thousands of dollars on those not so well meaning bulbs when you aren’t using energy efficient commercial LED lighting. Rather than burning through more blubs than you need to, switch your lighting and start saving money for things that really matter instead of bulbs that are just going to burn out again in no time.

You see, the average life span of a fluorescent fixture is 20,000 hours. You might think this sounds like a long time for your bulbs to last, when in reality this is a very small and insignificant amount of time when you have bulbs that are constantly on and constantly running. Replacing these bulbs with LEDs means that your LED tube is going to last for about 50,000 hours instead of the measly 20,000 that your florescent fixture was going to. This gives the room for many more hours and less money spent on bulbs that you’d just be replacing within less than half the life of your LED bulbs.

By using commercial LED lighting you’re doing your business a favor by not only saving money but also using lighting that is better for your business. With less of a chance of explosion by using LEDs you will be reducing the chance of fires and other problems that could raise and set you off on a path of needing to replace your entire business instead of the problem simply being only your lighting. Considering LED lighting is not considered a green alternative as well, using only 15% of the energy that fluorescent lighting uses and giving off 85% more light output how could you go wrong by switching your bulbs to something better than what you’ve been using now?

Switch your lighting today and start using the lighting that will not only save you money but also give you more of an output to what you’ve been using. Commercial LED lighting is just the type that you should be installing and enjoying rather than what you’ve had in your business for years. Make it so that you can see in front of you without the concern of your lighting burning out too fast. Your bulls will see the change in no time and your workers and students will have a clear view of what they’re doing and seeing for themselves. Learn what it is with this high intensity illumination given off by LEDs rather than the dim and yellowing lights that your fluorescent lights have been giving off.