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Do You Have a Generator in Case of a Major Power Outage?

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The opening weekend of the 2017 College World Series in Omaha, Nebraska, got off to an interesting start. In addition to the Fan Fest events, the traveling display from the Baseball Hall of Fame, and the Ferris wheel coming into town, Mother Nature also brought her own kind of excitement. On the Friday before the first games, the day when everything from watching team practices to the fireworks show was free, the weather took a pretty unexpected turn. Although some thunderstorms and rain had been forecast, by 8:00 pm it was evident that this would not be a calm end to the day.
The straight line winds that were recorded in excess of 90 miles an hour brought down trees which, in turn, took out power lines across the city. Within an hour of the heavy winds and rains starting, as many as 75,000 hom

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Why Understanding How Electric Generators Work is So Critical to Using Them Safely and Effectively

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Electricity is truly a wonderful thing. It’s one convenience of modern day life that’s incredibly easy to take for granted, even though it’s the very thing that essentially makes the world go round! Just think about it — from the time you wake up in the morning to the time you fall asleep at night, you’re interacting with a device that’s powered by electricity.

From your alarm clock or cell phone that wakes you up, to the blow dryer, flat iron, or electric shaver you use to get ready with, to the computer you work, to the internet access that’s powered by a modem, to the lights that illuminate your work space and home, and much, much more. The list goes on and on! But if there’s one thing about electricity, it’s easy to appreciate how valuable it is and convenient it makes everyday life when the power goes ou

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