Whether you crank up the air conditioning in the dog days or summer or turn up the heat in the bitter cold of winter, everyone loves the ability to control their home heating and cooling system.

Air conditioning is used in the United States more than all other nations combined. Eighty four percent of all homes in the United States have some sort of air conditioning. When it comes to energy use, heating and cooling account for 48 percent of the energy use in a typical home. In some Southern states, central air conditioning is used all summer long.

But all that use of air conditioning for home cooling comes with a cost. The U.S. Department of Energy says that anywhere from 25 to 40 percent of the energy used in the heating and cooling of a home is wasted. The energy is wasted do in part to contaminants in the HVAC system, causing it to work harder.

The Heating, Venting and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system is one that combines all three functions or buildings and homes. Air

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There are a variety of pesky critters and animals that can drive homeowners crazy. Gophers are one who inflict pain and frustration on homeowners, probably because there are 34 different species, they live up to three years and tunnel your yard to make their homes. Yes gophers can be bothersome and irritable, but they aren’t the only things that can wreak havoc on your yard. Squirrels may not make their homes in the ground, but they can cause just as much damage and be just as irritating as gophers.

While it can be tempting to consider squirrel bait poison, ground squirrel poison or ground squirrel traps when asking yourself how to trap ground squirrels or how to get rid of ground squirrels, keep in mind that there could be simpler options before resorting to that. Simple steps may not allow you to completely get rid of ground squirrels, but they can help remedy the problem and let you know i

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How can you improve your yard garden, especially if you got a small yard (and possibly a small budget)? It’s possible, and even if your backyard or yard garden are quite small, you can still enjoy gardening, landscaping, and the benefits of an outdoor lifestyle. Here are some ideas for getting the most out of small yard garden landscaping:

  • Make it seem bigger with zones. You might think that the best way to make sure there’s plenty of space is to keep the area as open as possible. In reality, it can make it seem like you got a lot more space than you really do if you divide up into different areas with clearly different functions. You might have one section with a walkway and a small garden along the path. Another area may be covered with cushioned seating for people to enjoy on those cool and rainy days. A fire pit in another section can make the yard seem far bigger than it is; plus you’ll be able to use the space at different times of year and for different f

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