Re-Think The Idea Of Traditional Movers


Whether this is your first move or your tenth, you are more than likely aware of all the preparations you need to take before you can get to your new home location. One of the first steps is usually deciding which movers to hire, and what your budget can afford. Trying to research the best movers can be overwhelming and hectic, and it is often difficult to decide whether you need a full- or self-service style of movers. If you have gone over the pros and cons of both styles and still cannot decide on the best movers for your situation, consider an alternative.

Using self-storage style portable containers can be a great alternative to a traditional moving company or movers. Many people describe this style of moving company to be the best of both worlds, and customizable enough to make your moving experience relatively painless. Instead of paying for truck rental, gas and distance traveled, like you would for self-service movers, the portable container option affords you all three with your one paid fee. While you are responsible for the packing and loading of your containers, your moving company will provide movers to handle the safe transportation of your items, leaving you the option of booking another means of travel, such as airline tickets. Keeping track of your shipment is also easy, as most movers provide e-mail or text message updates so you will know when to expect your belongings to arrive.

Hiring these kinds of non-traditional movers also provides options for customization. For example, many companies can provide packing supplies to help you get all of your belongings safely stowed. These companies often deliver your ordered packing supplies with your shipping containers, so you will not have to worry about misplacing important supplies before you need to use them. Additionally, while this style of moving service does not usually include actual movers, many companies can provide a team of movers to assist you with packing and loading should you require. You can also arrange for a team of movers for unloading only, so that you can get your belongings moved in and set up more quickly than you would by yourself. Another big customization benefit is the amount of space provided. With many companies, the amount of storage units you can order is virtually unlimited, and you only pay for what you use.