Use PODS For Your Self-Storage Needs


Are you looking for great storage options but do not have ample garage or attic space? Do you have a large quantity of items that would take multiple carloads to reach a self-storage destination? If so, consider using Portable On Demand Storage (PODS). Pods can provide an easy way to handle all of your self-storage concerns and offers a lot of convenience in arranging for services. If you are interested in learning about why PODS has become a widely popular choice in self-storage and moving needs, jump online and find out.

A visit to the PODS website will introduce you to the kinds of services the company offers. With most situations, you can visit the website to take a look at the storage containers, offered in three different sizes, and determine how many you think you may need. This is where one of the benefits of using Pods comes into play. When you choose PODS, you are unlimited in the amount of containers you can order. This means if you are unsure if all of your belongings will fit in two containers, you can order three or four additional ones to accommodate everything, and you are only required to pay for what you use.

Once you have decided on the size and number of PODS you need, you can request a free sales quote at the company’s website. Here, you can plug in your location, PODS requirements and the kind of services you require to receive a free estimate. If you are happy with the number, you can then arrange for your delivery options online or you can use the listed contact numbers to speak with a customer service representative.

If you are not moving from one location to another, PODS customer service can help you find a self-storage location where you can have your PODS shipped to be unloaded. An alternative is using an authorized PODS location to store your belongings. With this method, once your items are properly stored and locked, your PODS containers are picked up and driven to a PODS self-storage location to be stored for whatever duration amount you deem necessary. PODS can also be left at your home location for an indefinite amount of time for home location self-storage, as long as you pay a monthly rental sales rate. Customer service representatives can help you decide the best storage location for your PODS.