Pets and Moving Day Stress


Moving is stressful enough on humans, but when you add in moving with pets it gets even more stressful. Not only are you concerned about the actual task of moving itself, you are concerned with how your pets are going to handle it. Dogs and cats get used to their homes and really don’t like to move. However, their owners may need to move and so they must make provision to help their pets get settled. There are some things you can do to help your pets on the day that you move that will help lower their stress.

Before you have to move it is a good idea to find out a little bit about the neighborhood where you will be moving too. This will give you some kind of an idea on what to expect for your pets. For instance, if you are moving to a rural area you’ll want to know if it is safe to let your dogs and cats outside. If it is safe you can let your pets explore your new home outside while you are putting things away inside. If the neighborhood you are moving to is not safe for your dogs and cats to be outside unattended you’ll want to keep them inside their kennels while you complete your moving tasks. Some neighborhoods have restrictions on free roaming pets too.

While you are in the process of moving your pets will probably be wondering what all the activity is about. They will see you packing boxes and moving things around. If you have an indoor pet kennel it is a good idea to keep them confined. Dogs and cats get used to being in crates and even feel a sense of safety in them. When your house is turned upside down on moving day your pets will be safe and sound in their crates. They won’t get as stressed out on moving day that way.

Be sure to pack your dog and cat food, water bowls and other pet supplies where you can get to them quickly. Once you get to the new house you’ll want to feed your animals so they can settle down and start exploring the new place. Take care of your pet’s physical needs as soon as possible. This too will help lower their stress levels on moving day too.