Better Organize Your Long Distance Move with Pods


Any move, even if it is moving into a new home across town, can be a big pain. Naturally, long distance movers face even greater stress. It is often claimed that moving is the third most stressful life event behind death and divorce. While that claim may seem a bit shocking, for those people who have experienced a move, the claim is valid. When planning to move into a new residence, there are, of course, a number of variables to consider. For example, if you live in New York, and are in the midst of closing on a new home in Arizona, you want to have everything as organized as possible. Pods is a simple and stress reducing option to better organize your big move.

Typical moving companies often require movers to pre pack all of their small personal possessions, including clothing, prior to the day the move will occur. Some of those companies may even request that possessions be packed in boxes or crates with secured or taped lids, and then lined up into straight lines. While this may save in terms of time and cost for the customer, it is not convenient for a person who does not want to pack up to the very last minute, or risk stepping on, or tripping over, any of the two dozen or so boxes cluttering their living room floor. Pods effectively and efficiently eliminate this problem.

If a person decides to utilize pods for an imminent move, he or she can simply contact a moving and storage company to arrange for one or more pods to be delivered to his or her current residence. The moving company will deliver the pods by truck to the residence and leave it there until the day of the move. The customer may rent the pods for days or weeks, depending, of course, upon his or her individual needs. The pods customers may then take as much time as they desire to clean, sort, discard, pack, and load their personnel effects into the pods. In doing so, the pods customer eliminates any unnecessary clutter from their home, while also loading their belongings at their own pace. When the day of the move arrives, the company that provided the pods will pick up and transport the pods to the new home, even if the destination is located across the country.