Making the Most of Storage Pods


Storage pods are a popular trend in the storage industry. Pods offer people storage solutions that they do not need to travel to. A storage pod can be parked in a driveway or on a lawn and filled at a homeowners leisure. Pods offer greater flexibility for those needing storage space. If you are looking to move, a filled pod can be picked up by a moving company and transported any distance.

Before renting a pod, figure out the amount of storage space you need. Pods come in several standard sizes, and providers will usually offer descriptions of how many rooms can be stored in the unit. If you are in between sizes in your storage needs, always go up a size, it is better to have too much space than not enough room.

Pods can be filled by professional movers or homeowners. Professionals can assist in moving heavy or over sized items. Once a pod if full, you can call the provider of the pod to pickup and store the pod. Be sure to pack items securely, because moving them on and off the truck will cause items to shift. You can arrange for pods to be stored in temperature controlled buildings, they can be shipped cross country by long distance movers or returned to a house if you are using a pod to store belongings during a home remodel.

Storage units and pods are commonly used by people who who have items that are not used or needed year round. Season decorations or summer outdoor furniture can be placed into storage units for the portions of the year they are not in use. Using a storage unit frees up valuable closet, attic or garage storage space.

Storage pods offer inexpensive options for storage needs. Due to the modular and vertical storage nature of pods, there are less expenses for companies. Storage pods are good options for those staying local or going global.