Moving with Pods


Storage pods are a great option for movers who are looking to take a hands on role in their move. The trend in pods has gained popularity due to their great ease of use when compared to over moving and storage solutions. Pods can be used in ways similar to traditional storage lockers, are great for people moving across town or cross country, and are a great solutions for students moving too and from colleges. Many pod providers in college towns even offer special rates and small pods for people moving into and out of student housing.

When considering a move or investment in a storage facilities, look into the options of pods. These storage units can be offered by local companies as well as long distance movers, depending on your need. Storage containers come in many sizes for different storage capacities. Companies offer guidelines on how much stuff will fit in a storage pod. If you are between sizes, it is probably best to go up a size rather than potentially damage your possessions by cramming them in too small a space.

If you are filling pods with heavy furniture it may be a good idea to enlist the help of strong friends and rent some lifting straps or a dolly. With the right tools the job will go much faster and hopefully no one will injure their back or muscles. Once you have filled up your pod, call the provider to pick it up. Pods can be stored locally at storage facilities or be trucked to your next destination. If you are moving long distance, be sure to keep some personal items and a change of clothes with you so that you can live out of a suitcase while you unpack into your destination. Storage pods also offer a great storage solution for people who are considering a home remodel. The pod can be parked on the lawn or in the driveway while the remodel is taking place, and goods can be immediately moved back in when the project is done.