Are You Looking for a Way to Save on Your energy Bills?


Filtered propane

Nine degrees.
For the third morning in a row you are waking up to single digit temperatures. Your neighbors are complaining about sky high heating bills, but you are not. You are not denying that it is cold, but you are thankful that you made the decision last year to switch to heating your home with propane. Instead of paying the high utility bills that you hear your neighbors complain about, you are, thankfully, reaping the benefits of heating your home with propane, an affordable and clean burning energy source.
From propane fueled fireplaces to propane fueled tankless water heaters, many Americans are making the decision to move away from utility fees determined my locally controlled energy providers to a more predictably priced propane service. Consider some of these facts and figures about propane use in America:

  • 660,000 farmers use propane for their everyday agricultural businesses and activities. From irrigation pumps to grain dryers to standby generators and other farm equipment, in fact, propane energy is essential. It is a necessary fuel for crop drying and cultivation through the use of flames. It is also necessary for fruit ripening, space heating, water heating, and the refrigeration of food.
  • 350,000 industrial sites rely on propane for brazing, space heating, cutting, soldering, annealing, vulcanizing, heat treating, and many other uses. Propane is also used in the petrochemical industry during its production of plastics.
  • 90 % of America?s propane supply is produced within the U.S. Of the remaining propane that American’s use, 70% of is imported neighboring countries Canada and Mexico. Equal amounts of this propane comes from crude oil refining and natural gas processing. As a result, propane is a fuel that is readily available. Additionally, it is a secure energy source that is widely recognized for its environmental benefits.

No one can control the temperatures that we all have to face in the winter. What we can control, however, is the kind of energy that we use to combat the coldest winter temperatures. For a growing number of Americans, propane is the energy choice that is efficient, clean, and the right environmental decision.