Let There Be Light


Outdoor lighting

At face value, the function of lights seem incredibly simply. They exist to help up see in otherwise dark or dimly lit places. However, the benefit of light is often overlooked in today’s society, to the point that we don’t even think about what it could be doing to us. Lighting design, as well as what types of light you are getting, can actually affect our health and mood more than we realize.

An unspoken benefit of light is that it acts as a way for our bodies to tell time. When it gets dark outside, we know the day is coming to a close. When there is still light, our internal body clock knows the day still goes on. Having too much light, whether natural or artificial, can disrupt your natural sleep pattern, making your body produce less melatonin and keeping you awake at night. Around 68% of employees complained about the lighting situation in their office in a study done by the American Society of Interior Designing. Finding the right balance of light is crucial for your health and work ethic. Should the interior lighting design on your workplace be too bright, it can distract you and even cause headaches during work hours. If it is too dim, it can complicate your body’s internal clock, making you tired faster.

Natural sunlight also becomes a factor in your health. Natural sunlight, because it follows a distinct pattern, if better for your body’s internal clock at determining time. In fact, people who have windows in their office which give them access to normal light report getting around 46 more minutes of sleep than those that were deprived of natural light. Lighting designers even was reported they got more exercise after work.

A lighting designer may also tell you that the lighting in your home is just as important as the lighting in your office. In addition to similar reasons as mentioned above, residential and outdoor lighting can also contribute to your health. Upgrading your yard space with some new outdoor lighting design has been show to to allow people to spend up to six more hours outdoors, relaxing, gardening and throwing parties being a few main activities gained from custom lighting in their backyard.Lighting designers will also inform you that landscaping your yard increases you home’s resell value by 14%.

The benefits to proper lighting are far too many to mention. Though originally you may not have thought much about it, perhaps now you will think a little harder when deciding between bright halogen lights and an office with a good view.