Decorative Laminate and Other Soundproofing Choices


Mass loaded vinyl

When you need to soundproof a room, there are a variety of acoustic building products available. Once this process is completed, you will be amazed at the difference. Whether you want to prevent sound from entering a specific room or prevent sound from exiting it, there are a variety of available solutions to perform this task.

How a Room Is Soundproofed

Soundproofing a restaurant, musical studio, home entertainment room, or another type of space, is accomplished using a combination of 4 tactics:

  • Adding mass
  • Damping
  • Decoupling
  • Filing air gaps

Decoupling, combined with a damping compound, is recommended. This is because decoupling alone is insufficient to block low frequencies as a result of a wall’s resonance. Damping, in conjunction with decoupling, can address this effect.

Acoustic wedge panels, however, absorb low-to-high frequencies. While it depends on the type of panels you choose, some are available with adhesive peels, which can make the installation easier.

Were you aware that surfaces can partially prevent sound waves from traveling from room-to-room? Given the 1% Rule, for every 1% of an unobstructed surface area, 50% of the area’s sound will travel into another room. When you keep this rule in mind, you will be able to determine how many surfaces need to be filled in order to prevent this from occurring.

Soundproofing as Decorative Features

Soundproofing treatments don’t need to be visibly obvious, either. Decorative laminate, ceiling clouds, acoustic wall coverings, and other soundproofing materials and treatments are available in a variety of colors and patterns. Decorative laminate walls, as well as other soundproof wall panels, can be used as interesting design features.

Why Soundproofing is Important

When a person experiences prolonged exposure to noise levels of 85 Decibels and beyond, they are at risk for hearing loss. Due to being exposed to noise at work or while engaged in leisure activities, many individuals experience some level of high-frequency hearing loss.

Recent figures show that this is the case for approximately 26 million Americans between the ages of 20 and 69. Furthermore, data also shows that approximately 30 million individuals 12 years and older have some level of hearing loss in both of their ears.

When you contact a soundproofing contractor to assist you with your soundproofing needs, they will be able to recommend the best materials and treatments for your space. Since soundproofing is important on multiple levels, for privacy as well as to prevent noise pollution, it makes sense to employ the services of a professional skilled in this area.

When appearance matters, remember that decorative laminate is also available. These and other materials can provide a welcome design element.