To Really Make Your Backyard Luxurious, Build an Outdoor Kitchen


Types of landscape design services

If you are thinking of putting your house on the market in the next couple of years, finding a good landscape contractor is a necessity. About 90% of real estate agents advise their clients to consider different types of landscape design services so as to boost the home’s value. That recommendation is made with good reason, as the value of a home increases an average 14% if the land is nicely landscaped.

To really make your home stand out, why not look into outdoor kitchens? This is a luxury addition that is sure to impress any buyer. This can be an intensive undertaking just like any other home improvement project, so read below for a few tips to keep in mind before you start.

Is a Kitchen a Kitchen No Matter the Scenery?

Many people are surprised to find that outdoor kitchens are not that different from the kitchen inside their home. As HGTV explains, every successful kitchen needs to have a hot spot (stoves, ovens); a wet area (sinks); the cold part (refrigeration); and the dry section (prep counters). Clearly, if all you desire is a nice pizza oven, the refrigeration section may not seem necessary. But for those homeowners wanting the whole package, they’ll need to consider how everything will fit together.

For example, stoves are typically opposite the sink. The refrigeration can be either the left or right of the stove, but the prep area should be near the stove. The countertop next to the sink needs to have enough room to hold a few dishes. This can all be a bit difficult to keep straight if you haven’t designed a kitchen before.

Plan the Layout Like a Professional Chef.

It is unlikely that you are familiar with kitchen design. As such, there is a reason why kitchens are laid out in a similar manner across households. You will have a little more leeway, as outdoor kitchens are designed how you want them to be. Just remember that it never hurts to get a second opinion from a professional, in this case a kitchen designer.

Outdoor kitchens are becoming more functional in that they can perform most of the same tasks that are normally prepared in the indoor kitchen. If this is the kitchen your desire, the planning stage will need to consider materials. Some building materials will be hardier than others, such as sealed natural stone over soft woods or metals. Should you choose to do so, an enclosed outdoor kitchen, or at least a roof, could combat this problem.

Make the Area Comfortable With Shade, Seating, and Entertainment.

While a big incentive to get out of the indoor kitchen may be the heat, you’ll be in the same boat if the outdoor kitchen isn’t covered. A roof, or at the very least a slatted roof is a necessity to beat the heat in summer, and hide from the worst of the rain. Next, consider where your guests will sit: you can either build seating into the kitchen area, or have a sitting area nearby on the lawn. Of course, with today’s Bluetooth and wireless options, having a source of music can really make entertaining easy.

Outdoor kitchens are a great addition to a home. But they must be carefully planned out, and made with durable materials. The kitchen area should blend nicely with the existing house, and flow naturally into the surrounding landscape. Of course, with all this work you may decide to keep the home for yourself instead of putting it on the market. The choice is yours.