How Often Do Home Elevators Need to Be Serviced?


Who needs elevators

The U.S. has nearly 900,000 elevators. Quite a few of these are in homes for personal use, as more homeowners are finding adding an elevator can assist in an elderly house member’s mobility issues. Installing a home elevator can be tricky, but the beginning stage is not the end. A home elevator requires regular maintenance checks just as a public elevator would be expected to, as it all circles back to the safety of the occupants.

When Should My Elevator Be Repaired?

A home elevator needs to be put on a regular maintenance schedule. It is a matter of safety. A good general rule is to have a technician come check on things annually. Of course, if the elevator makes an odd noise, runs slowly, or does anything out of the ordinary, such as stopping a little too soon, it would be wise to stop using the machine until a technician can come out to take a look at it.

Why Elevator Maintenance Must Be Regularly Scheduled.

Who needs elevators? More homeowners are adding an elevator to their two-story or taller homes to create more comfort for the home’s elderly dwellers. Many adults are having their senior parents move into their homes. A small elevator can be a great option for those with mobility issues. If one of the people in the home use a cane, or a walker, then installing an elevator is worth looking into. Another scenario is those homes in which an occupant uses a wheelchair. An elevator may be easier to use than a chair lift, especially if the stairs are split.

Key Points For Hiring a Professional For Elevator Maintenance.

Experts recommend that home elevators be serviced at least annually, and more frequently if needed. It is also recommended for homeowner’s to find a certified disability services professional, which can be found by state online. Homeowners are discouraged from attempting repairs themselves as an elevator for home use is a complicated device, and making a mistake could be catastrophic. With regular maintenance, a properly installed elevator can last between 20 and 30 years at least.

When to Replace Or Repair an Elevator.

Elevators 20 years or older are likely in need of an upgrade to a more modern option. Older elevators can present a problem in two ways. One, the elevator mechanisms are desperately in need of repair. Two, this older version may need a special elevator technician, one who has experience working on older elevators and who understands their quirks.

A home elevator can be an excellent addition to a home with an occupant who has mobility issues. But installing an elevator is not a one-and-done deal. An elevator is a device that does need occasional maintenance checks. To ignore this requirement could possibly be downright dangerous. It only comes one a year, however regular checks are what help an elevator last up to 30 years.