Finding the Perfect Roof for Your Dream Home


Turning a house into a home is not always an easy undertaking, but it can be an enjoyable process, if you are able to keep in mind the end result and work toward it. There are a number of projects that you might be working on in order to make that house the home you have always dreamed of. Depending on the age and condition of the house, you might be looking at a pretty heavy workload. But with the right team and having gathered the right information ahead of time, as well as learning as you go, your home will come together in no time.

Key aspects to consider when topping your home

If you are looking at getting a roof replacement, you are in for a pretty hefty job. Of course, the top of your home is a very crucial element in the overall structure, for more than one reason.

  • Shelter from the elements
    The most obvious function of the hat of your house is to protect the interior, and everything and everyone within it, from the elements. Rain, snow, the glaring heat of the sun and everything in between and beyond will be kept out with a well made and installed roof. It helps to provide one of the basic human necessities, and if it is not well maintained or constructed, further problems will compound over time.
  • Energy savings
    A well built home will continue to serve you over the course of many years, provided proper maintenance is kept up. You are going to want good insulation and proper sealing to avoid leaks or inefficient heating and cooling. It could be easier than you think to accomplish this, as the right professionals will be able to advise you on what material you want to use, which could decrease the energy demands of your home by up to 30%.
    Similarly, if you do not consult someone about the right insulation and it does not get the job done, as much as 20% of every dollar that you spend on heating your home could escape through the top of your house.
  • Aesthetics

    While the look of your home is not essentially as crucial to your survival as keeping out the elements, and it does not save you money like energy efficient systems do, it still contributes to your happiness, which is important. In general, the top of your home accounts for about 40% of the overall visual exterior of a house, so choosing the right shade or shape of shingles could make a huge difference in the look of your home. It could mean the difference between passersby pausing to admire your abode, and just being another house on the block. A new roof can also give you a return on investment of around 62%.

Finding the right roofing contractors for the job

Not many people who need to have the tops of their homes repaired or redone can say that they are professionals in the business, or even confident in knowing just how to proceed. With all of the factors to consider, it is much better to hire professional contractors who will advise you on what will work best, and who can properly, efficiently, and effectively get the job done. You could always attempt the project yourself, but you then also run the risk of pouring so much more money into it in the long run, should you run into setbacks or elements that need to be fixed later on because of improper initial installation. Ask those you trust who have had similar projects done to their homes, do some research online, check out reviews of different companies, and have a list of questions ready when you call or meet with different contractors. With the right amount of patience and determination, you will find the perfect team to work on your home.

You have a vision for your home, and that includes the right roof. Putting in the time, effort, and funds now means having a happy, healthy home long down the road.